MTTS Sponsorship

June 28, 2016

Wow, not only am I truly fortunate to be able to go on this awesome adventure but I was able to secure three sponsors to help with costs and to have some fun!  First, I have to mention Towne MINI and sales manager, Mike Montieth for funding the Black Gnat's fuel bill for the trip.  This will obviously go a long way (pun intended) to not only get me to the final destination in Palm Springs but to get me back home.  Also need to mention Towne's service department headed up by Mark Huber...the service team is second to none.  They've prepped the Black Gnat for this trip with new brakes, oil change, coolant change, four wheel alignment and just getting things checked out before the start.  Communication with service is spot on when unexpected service items come up and there are no complaints!

Secondly, I wish to thank Kim at Cosmic Marketing Corp out of Hayward, CA, who are the US distributor for Rota Wheels.  Kim supplied me with a new set of 17" Rota RB wheels in Hyper black that give the Black Gnat a neat retro look similar to the old Mini Classic's Minilite wheels from the 60's-70's.  A touch of class, thank you Kim!

Finally, thanks to Mitch Rubin of Kan Jam out of Getzville, NY, makers of the Kan Jam game seen at many family, high school and college picnics and gatherings.  Mitch was kind enough to provide some funding for the trip and six Kan Jam Mini games to give away during MTTS.  It really is a great game to play and I'm sure we'll get plenty of interest in the games and hopefully, folks getting a Kan Jam game for the family!

So to Towne MINI, Cosmic Marketing and Kan Jam, my sincere thanks for your interest and generosity.

BlackGnat with Rota WheelsBlackGnat with Rota Wheels


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