So, what exactly is MINI Takes the States (MTTS)?

June 30, 2016

If you've followed me in Facebook, you've read about my exploits in my 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible which I purchased used in May 2014 with 85k miles on it.  Since then, I have had a ball owning it and motoring in it since then and have met so many other MINIacs that I feel like I have an extended MINI family.  And that is exactly what MINI Takes the States is...a family reunion!

That summer when I purchased the "Black Gnat" (MINI owners name their MINIs), MINI Takes the States 2014 came through Buffalo and was hosted by Towne MINI in Williamsville.  The evening event took place at Riverworks which wasn't even ready up until the day of the event.  It looked far different that it does now but that evening turned out to be the most attended event on MTTS 2014...approximately 800 MINI Coopers of all years, models, colors and "you-i-fication" (that's another blog entry) and approximately 1,500 MINI owners and guests at Riverworks complete with a Beatles cover band.  That next morning's Rise N' Shine, hosted at Towne MINI, approximately 600 MINI Coopers surrounded Towne MINI to learn of the next day's route and to have some breakfast catered by Milo's restaurant in Williamsville.  From that night I was hooked and vowed to attend the next MTTS.

I don't think that I can honestly sum up what MTTS is any better than posting a video produced by MINI USA of MTTS 2014.  Many passionate MINI owners explain what MTTS 2014 is all about and what it means to them along with segments highlighting the trip which began in San Francisco and ended in Boston, MA.  Buffalo was the second to last stop along the route.

MINI Takes the States 2014 video

By the way, I NEVER tire of this's that good!

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